My career as a narrator and voice actor began in Japan in 1990 when one of my university professors casually asked if I would be interested in doing a narration project. This lead to regular work doing narration, computer game character voices, TV and radio commercials, etc. Having a deep, lyric bass voice I tended to get called to do "evil people", big gangster types, pro wrestlers, etc. I have also been cast as a penguin, a whale, and "The Supreme Being". I am perhaps best known as the voice of Alucard in Symphony of the Night. The following is a partial list of some of my voice work.

Narration Projects

Video Games

Tekken: Dark Resurrection (2007) - Announcer
Lunar Knights (2006) - Stoker
Tekken 5 (2005) - Announcer
Silent Hill 4: The Room (2004) - Joseph Shreiber
Transformers: (2003) - Narrator
Transformers (2003) - Optimus Prime
Transformers (2003) - Sound Wave
Mega Man X7 (2003) - Signas
Shenmue II (2002) - Cool Z
Dynasty Warriors 2 (2000) - Cao Cao
Shenmue (2000) - Pedro
Tekken:Tag Tournament (2000) - Announcer
Tenchu: Stealth Assassins (1998) - Narrator
Soul Blade (1997) - Hephaestus
Soul Blade (1997) - Rock
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997) - Alucard
Winter Heat (1997) - Announcer
Star Ocean (1996) - Captain
Tekken 2 (1995) - Announcer
Tekken (1994) - Announcer

TV Commercials

Miller Beer (Japan)
Aflac (Japan)
Sony (South East Asia)
Subaru (Japan)

Other Clients

Activision, Ajinomoto, Apple Computer, Big John Jeans, Cat Tractors, Casio, City Bank, Compac Computer, De Beers, Dentsu, FM Tokyo, Ford, Fujistu, Gakken, Hitachi, Honda, IBM, Microsoft, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mizuno Sports, New Skin, NHK, Nihon Sekkei, Nikken, Nissan, NTT, Oracle, Ricoh, Sega, Shiseido, Sky Perfect TV, Sony, Subaru, Suntory, TBS, Thule, Toyota, Victor/JVC, Volvo, Yamaha