I have studied, played and performed on many different instruments over the years. These include piano, trumpet, flute, saxophone, clarinet, voice, tabla, bongos, congas, viola, pandeiro, riqq, cajon, recorder, guitar and bass. I play some of these instruments right-handed and some left-handed. At present my focus is primarily on piano, clarinet, recorder and percussion instruments that use finger technique more than full hand strokes, such as tabla, riqq, pandeiro and bongos.


Being a saxophonist and a jazz musician, much of the music I have composed, performed and recorded up till now has taken place within a jazz-based context, Some of this music can be found on three CDs released by TATOPANI: " Forbidden Fruit", "Themes From Dreams" and "Azure". (available on CD Baby)

Music Educator

Music is a living art form and teaching music is an essential part of keeping it alive. Through studying a variety of world music traditions I have become increasingly aware of the importance of conserving and passing this knowledge down to others. I have taught music to students of all ages, both in public schools and privately. In our rapidly changing and increasingly technologically oriented world, I feel that music education is more important than ever.


I have worked for more than twenty years doing narration, TV and radio commercials, voice overs for computer games, etc. I am blessed with a deeply resonant, lyric bass voice. You can find more detailed information about my voice work on the narration part of this site.